Europe: Favorite Places and Spaces Abroad

Good afternoon friends!

Quite the overdue post, seems to be a trend for me lately. But this time not due to lack of time but more because I had trouble deciding how to address all my favorites places and spaces abroad. So I’ve decided to just include a little bit of everything in one post!


typical breakfast to go: pan au chocolat & cappuccino

My Photo

have to try: macaroons


best value for dessert: McDonald’s Cafe


first home-cooked dinner in our Juan-les-Pins apartment: smoked salmon, fresh avocado, toast & leftover pasta salad


my go-to dinner choice (when I couldn’t decide on anything else): pizza margherita


favorite gelato: too many favorites


best refreshing drink: sangria



gorgeous place for hiking: Cinque Terre, Italy


favorite architecture: Barcelona, Spain


must-see city: Eze, France


favorite region: Tuscany, Italy


where I celebrated my birthday: Venezia, Italy



worthwhile day trip visit: Versailles, France


one of my favorite cathedrals: Cathédrale de Notre Dame, Paris


a peaceful retreat: Monastery of Montserrat, Barcelona


most anticipated visit to: Rome, Italy


experiences, the good & bad-

a bucket list item: parasailing over the Mediterranean in Juan-les-Pins


coolest experience: attending the 60th Anniversary of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity


celebrity spotlight: meeting with Conan O’Brien through my study abroad program in Cannes


not so great experience: getting slightly seasick in the middle of the Mediterranean right before scuba diving


a scary moment: when my 6:15am flight from Barcelona to Rome almost took off (without me)


great accomplishment: winning a Canned Lion for our marketing campaign project

1011022_10151729338007673_1985827486_n (1)

Here are a few quick tips for any of you lucky ones that may be traveling abroad in the near future:

Pack light. Oh by golly, pack light. Some airlines are so restrictive on luggage and weight limits, that you are so better off packing light or buying things like toiletries once you arrive at your destination. Plus, leaves a little extra wiggle room for any souvenir shopping!

Camera equipment is a must. Let’s be honest. We all get a little jealous of those who travel near and far from us. So pack your camera and get ready to take a million photos (or something close to that).

Take comfy shoes. There is so much to see, which means a lot of walking! Comfortable shoes are soo important, (forget the heels). Your feet will surely thank you!

Journal while you’re there. This is something I lacked on but wish I would have done more of. It really helps to organize your thoughts and definitely something you can refer to when you’re back home.

Research beforehand, enjoy while you’re there. Before I traveled, I looked into the main sightseeing I wanted to do, travel distance between cities, etc. and it really made my time abroad much easier. Not to mention, wifi was not always available.

Going abroad sure does change your perspective on so many levels. I certainly learned a lot during my study abroad program and about travel in general. It appears I have a bit of the travel bug (side effect of seeing so many beautiful places) and cannot wait for my next adventure! Have you recently traveled somewhere or are planning a trip soon? Would love to hear your experiences! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post. Until next time! 



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