Smart Dog!

Hello, hello my blogger friends!

Looks like I haven’t done much blogging here lately (busy bee as per usual) so here is a much overdue post (and a fun one, I promise!). But a quick update–this past week, I spent some time updating the good ol’ resume since graduation is right around the corner, only 7 more weeks to go! Time is definitely flying by, yet I am so excited! So much that I even added a countdown widget on my blog! I also spent some time uploading my resume and portfolio, so please check it out when you have some spare time. It’s definitely a work in progress but your thoughts/suggestions are much appreciated!

Now on to the reason for this post. I usually browse Mashable from time to time because, well there is always something fun/quirky/interesting on their site. I found this fun video and in spirit of all the basketball hype, I decided to share it. Check it out, this little fellow can seriously shoot some hoops!

All my past internships (including my current one) are pet-friendly agencies. So from time to time, I find myself making a new [furry] friend or two..or three! Now all we need at our office is a bball court! 🙂



Here is the link to the blogger’s post:


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