PRSSA member, Sydney Smith, shares a personal story of how arthritis has impacted her father’s life. Great first blog, PRSSA!



Once again, PRSSA is helping promote the Arthritis Foundation’s annual Jingle Bell Run,a 5K  to be held in Rogers, Ark., on Dec. 2. Leading up to the event, we’ll be sharing information about arthritis, running and everything you need to know about the 5K!

Below, is our first post, from member Sydney Smith, about her father’s experience with arthritis. Share your stories in the comments as well, and find out more about Jingle Bell Run here!

Currently there are 50 million adults in the United States living with arthritis. Most people probably know someone who is affected by arthritis. I have several family members who have arthritis, one of which is my dad.

My dad, Joel, is 51 and one of the most active and in-shape people I know. He works out by running and lifting weights five to six days a week, and he referees soccer matches…

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