The Two Minute Sell Yourself Test: PRSSA National Conference 2012

Just recently, I had the exciting opportunity to travel to San Francisco, CA with the University of Arkansas PRSSA Chapter to attend the annual National Conference. Now to be honest, it took me a few minutes to really figure out how to present this blog. I learned so many great things regarding the Public Relations industry that it is quite difficult to write it in a few paragraphs. But after going through my 20+ pages of notes from the conference, I decided to focus on just one session. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

The session, Earn a Five-Star Rating With Restaurant and Hospitality PR, was presented to the 300+ student attendees by the president of Andrew Freeman & Co., Andrew Freeman, and two of his employees, Casey Barks and Monica Powers. The first part of the session consisted of three student volunteers who were asked to go to the front of the room for a short activity. The students were not given immediate details about the activity.

Instead Mr. Freeman had a mirror with him and explained the task at hand. The student volunteers needed to look in the mirror and present a two-minute speech on why they should be hired at Andrew Freeman & Co.,  a high-energy hospitality consultation agency in San Francisco. Although a very unexpected request and definitely a nerve-wrecking one, the students gave their two-minute speech one by one. Mr. Freeman provided each volunteer with feedback afterwards and explained what could be done better. The goal ultimately selling yourself to the employer and obtain the job.

You ask, why did I elaborate so much on this small activity? Well, it’s actually a very big deal. As we (upperclassmen) near graduation, this two-minute Sell Yourself speech shows a lot about who we are, our determination and how we present ourselves.

Here are the questions to start thinking about when preparing for the two-minute test:

  • Why should the employer hire you
  • What do you have that others don’t
  • What can you offer that can help a company become a leader within the industry

PR, as explained in this session, is about results. A+ is not for effort. A+ is for results. Companies are looking for hires that will yield positive results and drive them to the next level. Relevancy is also key. Social media, online publications, targeted pitches, mobile applications are a few of today’s relevant mediums in reaching consumers. It is important as young PR professionals to keep up with industry trends and understand their importance.

“If you don’t evolve, you will get left behind.” -Andrew Freeman

This session was one of many great learning experiences at the National Conference. The conference also included keynote speaker sessions, chapter development sessions, a career fair, networking venues and much more. Here are a few pics from our experience in San Francisco!

Until next time!


PRSSA National Conference, U of A Chapter

National Conference Awards & Ceremony Dinner

Photo by: Beka Goad

Photo by: Beka Goad

Fisherman’s Warf.
Photo by: Beka Goad

Golden Gate Bridge.
Photo by: Beka Goad

Photo by: Beka Goad


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