Summer Olympics 2012: “Inspire a Generation”

The Summer Olympics have begun and the countdown to the Opening Ceremony is well underway with just two days left! The London Games 2012 motto is: ‘inspire a generation’. The London 2012 chairman, Sebastian Coe, spoke about the meaning behind the motto in a press conference in April at Kew Gardens.

“It is the heartbeat, the very DNA of this organisation and a rallying cry for the athletes to come to the UK to perform at their very best and inspire the world.”

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) President, Jacques Rogge also spoke at the Kew Gardens press conference in response to the new motto.

“From the athletes refining their technique, to the volunteers learning about their roles, to the torchbearers carrying the Olympic flame and the people supporting them as they go, each and every one of them is playing their part in making these a Games to remember.”

The Olympic Games have always been exciting! But this motto completely takes it up a notch. Not only are we celebrating the generation of athletes who have been training most of their lives for this very moment but for all those that have helped them achieve their trainings, successes and failures. Not to mention, all those that put in time and effort to make the Olympics such a huge success!

. . .Now looking back through a few ads, some brands truly understand this motto and have reflected it in their Olympic ads. Here is my favorite so far! Check it out (if you haven’t already or just replay it if you like it as much as I do) and please let me know which other Olympic ads you like!

Which team(s) are you going for? Remember to cheer loud and proud! (And go forth to inspire a generation!)

Happy Games!



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