Logo Design Basics: Understanding Color Meaning

How important is color to a room? to a restaurant? to a brand? to a logo?

This weekend, I spent quite some time antique shopping, crafting and decorating my apartment. Everywhere I went, I was drawn to certain blue hues and yellow hues. (I did find some cute frames and décor along with inspiration for further crafty projects!) What I did not realize at the time was that the blues and yellows were shaping a certain mood. In this case, a happy and peaceful one!

So what does this have to do with advertising?

Color shapes our thoughts and emotions. Color can also affect our moods-including ability to change our buying habits. In fact, color can invoke as much as 80% change in motivation in online shopping, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Color is one of the most important forms of non-verbal communication. Designers and advertisers can convey meaning and messages by incorporating certain colors into their brands and logo designs. Choosing the right color is an essential element in logo designs. Below are a few universal meanings for a variety of colors:

White: Universal color of peace and purity. Usually found in logos as reversed text or negative space. cleanliness, innocence, peace, purity, refined, sterile, simplicity, surrender, truthfulness

Yellow: Bright and highly visible. Often used to grab attention, create happiness and warmth. caution, cowardice, cheerful, curiosity, happiness, joy, playful, positivity, sunshine, warmth

Orange: Often used to draw attention. Find it used in logos to create playfulness, stimulate emotions or even appetites. affordable, creativity, enthusiasm, fun, jovial, lighthearted, high-spirited, youthful

Red: Intense color that can draw strong emotions. Used in logo design to grip viewer’s attention and has been known to raise one’s blood pressure or make people hungry. action, adventure, blood, danger, drive, energy, excitement, love, passion, strength, vigor

Pink: Feminine color that conjures feelings of innocence and delicateness. Often used to add a feminine flare. appreciation, delicate, femininity, floral, gentle, girly, gratitude, innocence, romantic, soft, tranquil

Purple: Implies royalty, mystery, spirituality and sophistication. Find it in many education related and luxury product logos. ceremony, expensive, fantasy, justice, mystery, nobility, regal, royalty, sophistication, spirituality

Blue: Calming color that also shows authority, success and security. Seen extensively in government, medical and Fortune 500 company logos. authority, calm, confidence, dignity, established, loyalty, power success, secure, serene, trustworthy

Green: Represents life and renewal. Restful and soothing that can also represent jealousy and inexperience. Find it in companies that want to portray an eco-friendly image. crisp, environmental, fresh, harmony, health, healing, inexperience, money, nature, renewal, tranquility

Brown: Indicates nature, woodiness and utility. Used in logos related to construction and legal logos due to its simplicity, warmth and neutrality. calmness, depth, earth, natural, roughness, simplicity, serious, subtle, utility, woodsy

Grey: Neutral and cool, grey is often used for the type within logos due to its neutrality and blend with other colors. authority, corporate, dullness, humility, moody, practicality, respect, somberness, stableness

Black: Symbolizes menace or evil, popular as an indicator of power. Found in many logos because of its boldness, simplicity and sophistication. authority, bold, classic, conservative, distinctive, formality, mystery, secrecy, serious, tradition

Next time you go out to a business or company, check out the brand logo! Does it reflect any of these meanings?

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