PRSSA Tulsa Trip

Earlier this semester, our PRSSA chapter took a trip to Tulsa to visit a few agencies and stations including Waller PR, Tulsa World and KTUL News. Here is a recap of our trip!

A welcoming environment and friendly team awaited us at Waller PR. Waller PR is a full service public relations firm in Tulsa founded in 1996. We had the opportunity to tour the firm and meet with Morgan Phillips, APR, account executive manager. After our question and answer session, we attended the PRSA Tulsa chapter luncheon and learned more about non-profit work and balancing job responsibilities.

The second place we visited was the Tulsa World, which is the second-largest newspaper in Oklahoma. It is an independent, family-owned newspaper that has been owned by the Lorton family since 1917.

Starting the “printing process” tour inside the Tulsa World.

The Tulsa World has made several technological advances that have gained national recognition.It was the first newspaper to install the state-of-the-art Wifag presses in North America and the first to switch to digital photography. Tulsa World has received the SPJ Best Newspaper Award for the past four years. It also received the Great Plains Newspaper of the Year Journalism Award in 2011.

Inside the Tulsa World, the printing process is unique and one-of-a-kind. Below are a few pictures of the printing process.

The newspaper is printed on 48-inch-wide paper.

So many rolls of paper!

Advertisements are inserted into the newspaper through this handy machinery.

Ready for delivery!

Our last stop was at KTUL News, Channel 8 in Tulsa where we toured the station and learned about the right and wrong ways in approaching reporters and station managers when pitching newsworthy stories.

Touring the station.


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